What are the Differences Between Inventory Quantity Types

There are 4 components to a products’ inventory. Quantity can be changed by either receipt of an order or by updating quantity fields by warehouse.


On hand Quantity:

This is the total quantity of this product, by warehouse. It defines how many of a product you physically should have in your warehouse. You can edit the on-hand quantity for your warehouses, but you can’t do this for Amazon FBA. 

Unsellable Quantity:

This inventory type defines how much of a products’ total inventory is unsellable for that specific warehouse. 

Reserved Quantity:

Refers to the products that have been ordered but are still physically in your warehouse. It means that products are reserved status until the pending order is either completed or canceled. When the order is completed, the reserved quantity will be reduced from the on-hand quantity. When an order is canceled, the reserved quantity will be allocated back to the on-hand quantity.

Fulfillable Quantity:

It refers to the quantity that is currently available for customers to purchase. This is the quantity that StoreAutomator syncs to the channels. The total fulfillable quantity is the total on hand quantity except reserved and unsaleable quantity.

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