How to Add Swatch Images to Variants

Swatch images are the small thumbnails that appear on the parent page of a product on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. You can add swatch images to the child products to set the swatch images on the listing page. 

You can assign swatch images from StoreAutomator UI or with bulk action. 

Via Bulk Action

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Select the child products and click “Export>Custom…”


2. Select “Swatch Image Url” field from the images section.


3. Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right of the screen.


4. Enter the url link of the swatch images to “swatch_image-url” column.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can enter different swatch images for each variant though kindly remind that some of Amazon categories only allow one type of swatch images for each variant.

5. Upload the file back into the StoreAutomator.


Via Product Edit

1. Select the child variant and click “Edit” under the Action tab.


2. Go to “Images” tab and choose the selected image as “Swatch Image” and save the action.


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