Product Label Printing

Product Label Printing Functionality

A product label shows key shipping information or any other purposes and includes the product name, SKU, product id, brand, tracking barcode, warehouse location and the time and date of printing.

StoreAutomator allows you to print your label from the SA platform. By clicking on Inventory on the left navigation bar and then Products, you will access all your inventory products and from there you can print the label for each product by clicking on the edit button on the right side of each product. Print label will be the fifth option on the edit menu. When you click on that option, a print preview window will open for you to review the information and print your label. Note that this option only appears for items with UPC code.


Label specific information:

Label size: 3 (inches) x 2 (inches)

Printer Model: Zebra TLP-2844


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