How to Clone Master SKU's ProductId while Cloning a Product

You can clone your products using our cloning feature. This can help solve problems such as if a product has been created with the wrong SKU. Also, it can be used to create different variations of the current product with the same product data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you clone a product, the cloned product will get its parentage from its master which means If it is a single product you are cloning, the cloned product will be single as well.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1-      Go to “Inventory>Products” and find the SKU you want to clone and click the “Three Dot Icon>Clone” under the “Action” section.


2-      From the opening page, tick the box “Clone Product ID” after giving a new name and SKU to the clone product and click the “Clone”.


Your product will be cloned after this action with the same product id which was assigned to the original product.

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