Tracking Updates Using DX Channel

Tracking Updates using Data Exchange (DX) Channel - FTP

StoreAutomator can receive product data using DXprotocols.

One of our DX channels, the FTP Channel, can be used to update your tracking numbers.

FTP Channel transfers data over an FTP connection from a remote computer to your SA inventory and then sends the job's output back to the remote folder.

As a result, after setting up the FTP connection, you can automatically send the tracking numbers to the channels. 

The only thing you need to be aware of is that, since the FTP channel does not require a template, you must use our native template for tracking number import sothat our can read the file. Please see below for the format of the tracking number import template and the required fields for this template.

  • From navigation panel, go Settings> Dx Channel
  • Click Add Channel and choose FTP to start setting up.


  • Give the name of the FTP channel. For example, Tracking Import Channel. And hit the “Create” button.


  • Click the gear icon for FTP connection.


  • Enter all the necessary credentials correctly and save.
  • After storing FTP credential, click gear icon for Data Exchange as seen in the screenshot above, and enable the channel sync by turning on the “Sync Enabled” switch, also the daily schedules by hours can be set up by turning on the “Enable Daily Schedule” switch. When you are through with your settings, click save.


  • At last, the channel will turn green which means SA will start obtaining the data. 


To learn more how to set up a DX Channel, please refer to one of our articles called Data eXchange (DX) Channels

Tracking Import Template

Please use below fields for tracking data import.

Available fields

One of the fields is required and it must be in the first column.


OR importtrackingflat.refOrderNumber

OR importtrackingflat.orderId


One of the fields is required


OR marketplaceLineNumber

OR sku

OR upc


qtyShipped - Required field

carrier - Required field

trackingNumber - Required field

shipMethod - Required field

packageCode - NOT Required field 

quantityCancelled  - If there is a cancelation, but Not Required field

cancellationReason - If there is a cancelation, but Not Required field

shippedDate 2022-03-29T12:00:00 - Required field (the format will be exactly the same as the sample)

shippingCost - If there is a shipping cost, but Not Required field

The screenshot below is the sample tracking import template format.


Note: If you want to update the tracking information, you can upload this template straight to StoreAutomator. If you utilize FTP, this procedure is carried out automatically.

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