How to Solve Product ID Mismatches for the Products Tied to the Wrong Listings on Walmart

You may see that some of your items appear to be linked to completely different items on Walmart. This can result in orders getting fulfilled by the wrong product, canceled orders, and missed sales. The most common reason for this is that your product has a UPC / GTIN / EAN mismatch.

Walmart uses a product's ids (UPCs or EANs) to match them with the live listings. As they collect data from different sellers, they grow their database of UPC's and listings. In some situations, sellers may have sent bad data to Walmart by using a false UPC or mis-typed it.


To Solve this issue:

First, please verify the UPC you are using is valid. If it is correct, this means another seller listed the wrong UPC to the "incorrect" listing on Walmart. 

If you see this situation for one of your listings, follow the instructions:

  • Find the troubled SKUs and simply exclude it from the channel in StoreAutomator.


  • Open a case to Walmart support about the mismatched product ids. 

When Walmart corrected this issue, please include the related product into the channel. Your products will be created properly on Walmart.

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