Adding a New Child Variant Under Existing Parent

You can easily add a new child variant to the already existing parent by using the StoreAutomator UI or with bulk import.

Via SA UI:

1- Select the related parent product and click the “Edit” icon under the Actions.


2- Find and click the “Add Variant” under the Variations tab.


3- You can either add an already existing single item to the selected parent or you can create a brand new child product to attach under the parent.

Creating a New Variant

  •         Select the “Create a New Variant”
  •         Provide a product id.
  •         Provide unique SKU or click to generate “Auto Sku”.
  •         Provide a Price and Quantity for the product.
  •         Provide unique Variation Options for the product.
  •         Click the “Add”


Converting A Single Product to a Variant

  •         Select the “Convert a Single Product to a Variant”.
  •         Search and find the SKU of the single product.
  •         Provide unique Variation Options for the product.
  •         Click the “Add”.


After these steps related SKU will be added to the parent product.

Via Bulk Export/Import:

1- Select the product that you want to merge with the related parent and go to “Export>Custom…”


2- Select the fields “Parentage, Parent SKU, Variation Options and Variation Types” from the custom fields export selector and click the export.


3- Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right of the screen.


4- Open the exported file and:

  •         Change the value “Single” to “Child” in the “parentage” column.
  •         Provide the parent sku that you want to add this product as a variant in the “parent_sku” column.
  •         Provide unique variation options for the product in the “variation_options” column.
  •         Provide the correct variation types of the related parent and enter to the variation_types” column for this product.


5- Upload the file back into the SA from the top right.


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