Bulk Editing Categorisation

You can easily edit or delete local categories with a bulk file. Also, you can assign multiple categories and leaf categories to the products. This will give flexibility if you are working with multiple products.

Here are the steps for editing the main local category:

1- Select the products and go to “Export>Export Inventory>Categories” if you are on channel level. In inventory level use the “Export>Categories” direction instead.

2- Download the file from the “Notifications”.


These are the files in the file.

  • You can delete pre-populated fields “original_name” and “category_codes” columns on editing or deleting a category process before uploading the file.
  • The main category for the products will be the value under the “category_1” column.
  • If you are working on parent products, you can only download the parent’s category because variations get their category as inherited from the parent.

When editing your categories:

  •  Specify the new main category under the “category_1” column.
  •  If you want to add more categories, start with “category_2” column and go on to “category_5”

  •  If you want to make leaf categories under the “category_1”, use the ">” sign to assign leaf categories. (Test Category>Test Category 2>Test Category 3)

When deleting a category:

  • If you want to delete a local category, you need to assign at least one additional category to the “category_2” column before uploading the file back into the SA. The category_2 will be the main category after this action. The products cannot be remained uncategorized after assigning any local category to your items. 

  • To delete your sub categories from SA permanently, you need to do this action from UI. Go to the “Inventory>Categories” tab and delete the related category.

3- When your configurations are done, you can upload the file back into SA.

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