How to Solve Invalid Variant Attribute Names Errors on Walmart

You can easily solve this error from the “Mapping” section in StoreAutomator. 

The reason for this error is because you are sending invalid variation types to create variation relationships on Walmart. For specific categories, Walmart doesn’t accept some variation types for creating a relationship between products. These valid values can be changed depending on the categories of the products. However, you can always see the correct valid values from the error message. 


To solve this issue, you need to map the invalid value to one of the valid values in the error code. After sending force product data update to the channel, the listings will be fixed.

1- Go to “Mappings>Option Types” tab and find the option type that you are receiving an error.

2- Map one of the valid values with the same spelling into the empty box and click the save button.

3- Select and send force product data update the related products and sync the channel from the top left.

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