Pricing in Reseller Channels for Dropshippers

Fixed Reseller Price

Fixed reseller price is a wholesale price of a product for dropshippers.

If you are a drop shipper brand for a reseller, you have to make sure that the prices are set up correctly.

If you and your reseller have agreed on a commission base rate, you should not use this feature and do not enter a Fixed Reseller Price. This is because the StoreAutomator automatically generates the commission base rate from the price , so if you calculate the price according to the rate and enter the value in the Fixed Reseller Price field, Storeautomator will calculate the price from this field. As a result, the price will be doubly calculated and recorded in the purchase orders as is, causing an accounting issue for both sides.

Please see below example for better understanding.



Not Using Fixed Reseller Price

Using Fixed Reseller Price

Item price in reseller account



Commission rate with reseller




Fixed Reseller Price

Blank/not input



Reseller receives



You (dropshipper) receive




So, it will be better to keep Fixed Reseller Price as inherited when you have set up commission base rate with the resellers.



Note: Commission base rate settings will be arranged by your reseller and when you connect the sub-channel in your account, the reseller account and your reseller channel will be synchronized according to the channel the settings that you have set up.

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