Using Alternative Product Action Table on Inventory Level

When you are working at a product level then you can access some of the most common features from this menu. These actions will help you to quick access if you’re working on product level. This action list can be changed depending on product type (parent, child). 

When you click on the three-dot icon after selecting the product, various actions can be seen. 


  • Edit Parent:

If you click this action, you can access the parent item. 

  • Clone as Single:

If you click this, you can clone the child item as a single item. From the opening box, you need to provide a name and SKU. 


  • Expiring Quantity:

If you click this, you can enter expiring quantity and expiring date to the product. You can define incoming batch expiration dates and quantities for the expiring products in your inventory. The quantities will be synced with the total quantity on a FIFO basis. Sum of expiring quantities cannot exceed the real Quantity On Hand.


  • Force Update:

If you click this, force update (product date, quantity, price) will be sent to the channel.

  • Notes:

If you click this, you can access the notes about the product. 

  • Delete:

If you click this, the product will be deleted from your inventory permanently.

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