How to Use Don't Send Child Variation Images for eBay using a Bulk File

Use this feature if you do not want to send child variation images to eBay. If you decide to manage your listing images through the parent, this feature is going to be helpful so that you do not repeat the same images for each child variation image.

You can export the related field and make adjustments to the affected products working with a bulk file. This way, you can easily use this action for multiple parents. After the adjustment, you should upload the file back into SA for the changes to take effect. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Go to your eBay channel, select the parent skus, and go to “Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides”.


2- Select the “Ebay Don’t Send Variant Images” field and click the export button.


3- Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right and open it.


These are the fields in the exported file.


The valid value for the “don’t_send_child_images” column is either yes or no. 

If you select no, child variation images will be sent to the channel with the next product data update. If you select yes, only the parent images will be sent to the channel, not the child variation images.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parent images are inherited to child variation products. Therefore, even if your child variations don’t have any images, their images will come from their parents.

You can delete the actual_asin, original_name and original_product_id column before uploading the file.

4- After the changes, you can upload the file back into SA from the top right.


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