How to Use Bulk Force Update Actions to Update your Products

You can use StoreAutomator’s “bulk force update” of files to update your products’ quantity, price or product data in a single file. By using bulk update, you can update multiple products at once. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Create a bulk file that contains the fields below, in this order:

First header: CommandForceUpdate.sku 

Enter the Skus that need to be updated.

Second header: channel_name 

Enter the correct channel name. Kindly ensure that the channel name you are using is identical just like in the SA UI.

Third header: force_update

Enter one of the valid values. Valid values are “all, product_data, quantity, price”.

If you select “all”, related SKUs will be updated as auto all types. (Includes product data, price and quantity)

2- After the adjustment, you can upload the file into the SA from the top right of the screen.


3- Click the Sync button in order to push the data into the channel.


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