How to Manage Inclusion or Exclusion of Products Through Multichannel with Bulk File

You can include or exclude multiple products for multiple channels with a single bulk file.

You can download the multichannel template from the article below and use the readymade template for the action Multi Channel Inclusions Import File, or you can create a template for yourself with the below headers.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Create a template with the headers below.


First Header: channelinclusions.sku

This field is required. Add the SKUs that need to be included to the channel or excluded from the channel.

Second Header: channel_name

This header is required. Add the channel names which the SKUs will be included or excluded. When you will add multiple channels, you need to use comma separator among the channel names.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Channel names need to be identical as setup in the SA UI. Kindly ensure that you are spelling correct.

Third Header: inclusion

This header is required. Valid Values are “include, exclude, included, excluded, default”.

Setting inclusion to “default” means,  when this is chosen, uses default settings for this brand which means you need to include or exclude items manually.

2- After the adjustments, you can upload the file back into SA from the top right.


Depending on the action, SKUs in the file will be included to channel or excluded from the channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can check the process from the "Tools>Import>Import History" whether the file is successfully uploaded or get an error.

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