How to Create a New Filter

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You can create filters on both channel and inventory level. These filters can be shared with different users on the account.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Go to “Channel>Channel Products” or “Inventory Products” and click “New Filter”.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn’t matter whether you have created a filter on channel or inventory level. You can always add existing filters to Channel or Inventory level by clicking the “Add Existing Filter”. 

2- You need to enter a filter name, add fields from the “Add Conditions”. 


You can also share your filter with other users by clicking “Share with Other Users” from the “Assignment” tab.


3- After configurations, you can either save draft or directly publish the filter.


You can always edit and change filter conditions from the “Edit Filter”.


If you want to remove a filter, you can click the “X” icon.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This action will only remove the filter from the level you have created but not delete completely. If you want to delete a filter completely, you need to go to the “Settings>Filters” tab and click the delete button for the selected filter.

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