eBay Specific Settings, Enable Strikethrough Pricing Switch

This switch is located at Channel>Channel Settings>Ebay Settings tab.

When this switch is enabled, you can use Msrp or Regular Price as strikethrough price e.g. $29.99. This is useful when you want to show the discounted price to show on the eBay product detail page.


If you enable this switch, you need to decide which price field will be used as the strikethrough price. Navigate to Channel>Channel Settings>Pricing tab to select your preferred source for the strikethrough price.


To use the regular price as the strikethrough price on the remote channel, first you need to specify sale price fields for your products on SA. If you want to use Msrp as strikethrough price, you also need to specify Msrp fields for your products. Please ensure that you have assigned these fields to the product before using this option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to get approval from eBay to use this feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Settings will be applied to the products in the selected eBay channel.


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