How to Update Multiple Items for Different Warehouses

You can update multiple products in your warehouses with a bulk file and transfer them to another warehouse. You can also adjust product quantities, costs and warehouse location for the newly created warehouse. 

This action provides a more wholistic approach for crowded inventories rather than dealing one-by-one from the user interface. 

If you don’t have multiple warehouses setup, you will firstly need to create one. Please note: warehouse creation is only possible from the UI.

Here are the steps to follow:

1- Go to Inventory>Warehouses from the main menu click “Add Warehouse” from the top right.


2- Provide a warehouse name and code, choose the type and currency of the warehouse and click create.


After creating a warehouse, you can add the SKUs for your newly created warehouse. To do this, you need to export the products from your previous warehouse. You will be using this exported file to update your new warehouse.

Here are the steps:

1- Find your previous warehouse and click the icon under the “Open” tab.


2- Click the “Export Items” from the top right.


3- Download the file from the “Notifications” tab from the top right of the screen.


In the downloaded file, you will find the quantities and costs of the SKUs. You can adjust these fields for the newly created Warehouse.


4- After the changings on the related quantity and cost fields for each product, write down the newly created warehouse’s “Warehouse ID” to the “warehouse_id” column for each SKU. 


You can also update the quantities of a specific SKU for multiple warehouses with same file. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can find the right “Warehouse ID” under the “ID” tab in SA UI.

5- Upload the file back into the SA from the top right of the screen.


Depending on the SKU count in the file, you will be notified after the upload.

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