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You can choose to include or exclude products by their brand from the selected channel. If you use brand inclusion from the inclusion control and set brand names options in the channel, SA will automatically include or exclude all products from the same brand to the channel.

To easily save time when including or excluding a lot of products, please follow these steps:

Select the channel and go to Channel>Inclusion Control. In the Brand Inclusion tab, you will see the defined brand names for the selected channels. Find the brand you want to include or exclude to the channel. 


There are three options of the inclusion:

  • Default option: When chosen, uses default settings for this brand which means you need to include or exclude items manually.
  • Include option: When chosen, includes all products under this brand name regardless of default settings.
  • Exclude option: When chosen, excludes every product under this brand name regardless of default settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inclusion control logic is defined as it follows Default>Brand Inclusion>Product Inclusion

  1. Default Settings – This is the first level of priority. If nothing has been overridden within the Brand or Product Inclusion Control Settings, default settings will be used.
  2. Brand Inclusion Control Settings – This is the second level of priority. If products have been included/excluded at the brand level, default settings will be overridden.
  3. Product Inclusion Control Settings – This is the third level of priority. If products have been included/excluded at the product level, Brand Inclusion settings as well as Default settings will be overridden.

After selecting include or exclude, products with the selected brand name will be included to the channel or excluded from the channel. You can tell the difference by looking at the status of the products. If the second box includes “B” this means that the product is included to the channel by brand inclusion. If not, it is included by product inclusion.


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