How to Create Kit Items with Bulk File

You can easily create kits with a bulk import file by utilizing two fields:

 Use the “kit_item_sku_X” and field to specify the SKUs that go into the related kit and use the “kit_item_quantity_X” field to define how many of this SKU will be used in the kit. You can use a maximum of 25 different SKUs in a kit. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use “kit_item_sku_X” and “kit_item_quantity_X” together to define the kit.

If you have a kit that contains only one master SKU, and another kit that contains 25 master SKUs, you can include both in the same import file, just leave the relevant fields empty.

Kit children creation is also possible, if you include the variation creation fields (Parentage, variation_types, variation_options, parent_sku) in the same file.

Kit in a kit is also possible, if the kit is already created and present in your inventory, you can include that kit in the new Kit you are creating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For child SKUs parentage must be set  to "child". Including SKUs in “kit_item_sku” and “kit_item_quantity” is enough for creating kits.

Using the “kit_price_type” field requires another field called “Price”. By using them together, you can define how to calculate a kit’s price by giving values to “kit_price_type” field:

Dynamic-actual: Use this setting to calculate price from Channel Actual Price with a percentage entered to the “price” field; actual_price times the value in the “price” field of the feed file. Actual_price is your current sales price that is active on a channel with repricer. If you use this setting and don’t have a repricer this value falls back to dynamic-regular price,

Dynamic-regular: Use this setting to calculate price from regular price with a percentage entered to the “price” field; regular_price times the value in “price” field of the feed file,

Fixed: Use this setting to set kit’s price to a fixed value, as defined in the “price” field of the feed file. By default, kit_price_type is set to "fixed".

If you prefer to assign prices to your kits, it is best that you leave this field excluded from your feed file.

You can see the kit creation fields in the bulk file below.


productdata.sku: You must enter a SKU for the newly created kit item. It must be the first column.

kit_price_type: This will determine the kit’s price calculation. Valid values are “dynamic-actual, dynamic-regular and fixed”.

kit_item_sku_x: This will define the SKUs that go into the Kit. You can type maximum 25 SKUs and minimum 1 SKU. (1-x-25)

kit_item_quantity_x: This will define the quantity for the SKUs.  You can type maximum 25 SKUs and minimum 1 SKU. (1-x-25)

title: You must enter the product name for the kit.

brand_name: You must enter the brand name for the kit.

price: This is the regular price for the kit.

After the configurations, upload the file back into SA.


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