How to Import product from the Remote Channel by "Create Update" mode

You can easily import  and update existing items from your remote channel by selecting “Create Update” mode in SA. 

After this action, SA will get the products from the remote channel by matching SKUs. The already existing items will be replaced in SA. Afterwards, SA will create those and update the existing products. The process may take some time depending on your product count on the channel. You will be notified after the process ends.

Here are the steps:

1- Channel>Channel Products, click the “Import from Channel” from the top right of the screen.


2- Choose the “Create Update” from the dropdown menu as the import type. 


3- Tick the “Confirm Import” before importing.


NOTE: You can also prefer to download all the products data from the remote channel by ticking the “Download All” option. With this option, you can download all the product information from the remote channel. Please note that the channel data will replace existing data in SA.

4- After the import, you can click the “Notifications” from the top right and see the result.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any “import from channel” action permanently changes your data. Please select with caution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can access the result only from the channel you imported even if you see the result on Notifications. Please be sure you are in the right channel when downloading or opening the result.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SA downloads only the changes by default unless you don’t choose “Download All” before importing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These changes will change inventory level data and will be implemented to all channels.

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