Channel Overrides, Exporting Desciptions on Channel Level

Exporting Descriptions for Channel Override

You can export the descriptions, bullet points, search tags and other tags and edit them in a bulk file. After that, you can upload them back into StoreAutomator. This action does not change your inventory data but overrides it on the channel level.

Here are the steps:

1- Select the products and go to Export>Export Overrides>Descriptions.


2- Download the file from the Notifications from the top right.


These are the fields in the file.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to override the data on channel level, you must fill the columns starting with “channel”. The others are starting with “default” which basically resembles the inventory level data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to delete a specific field data, you must leave the cells as empty. This action will delete the data which you have already in SA, when you upload the file back into SA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sku, Actual Asin, Original Name and Original Channel Name will be added automatically at first four columns by the system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can delete the unrelated columns except the first one (channelproduct.sku) before uploading the file. 

3- After the changes, upload the file back into SA.


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