Channel Overrides, Exporting Pricing with Custom Export Field Selector on Channel Level

Exporting Pricing for Channel Override

You can export the related pricing fields and edit them in a bulk file. After that, you can upload them back into StoreAutomator. This action does not change your inventory data but overrides it on the channel level.

Here are the steps:

1- Select the products and go to Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides...


2- Select the fields in the Pricing section.


3- Download the file from the Notifications from the top right.


These are the fields in the file.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Sku, Actual Asin, Original Name and Original Product ID will be added automatically at first four columns by the system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can delete the unrelated columns except the first one (channelproduct.sku) before uploading the file. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can modify channel price by using the price factor. Valid Values are “0.5 to 10” (Channel Price = Inv. Price x Price Factor)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tax can only be applied from the parent or single product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you set up the sale price, you must enter the date to the sale price end and start date columns as “year-month-day”

4- After the changes, upload the file back into SA.


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