A+ Content Amazon lets you enhance your product descriptions and page details with high definition videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more. 

Alias Different SKU, different product name. Same products are acting as one, but they are sold with different SKU in different marketplaces. Quantities are linked to each other. (All total) 

Alternate SKU For Amazon FBA. Different SKU. You are not allowed to change the content.

Amazon Seller Central is the web interface used by brands and merchants to market and sell their products directly to Amazon customers.

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of instructions allowing two software applications to interact and exchange data. It is used for developing software applications acting as an interface between different software programs and allows interaction.

ASIN or Amazon Standard Identification Number is a unique code that Amazon uses to identify every product. Almost every product on Amazon has its own ASIN.

BigCommerce is a platform that provides software as a service to retailers. The platform includes online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and marketing and security for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bulk Import the ideal way to import significant amounts of data into StoreAutomator

Bullet Points are the highlights of an article for sale. Each retailer can view and/or enhance the description of their product.

Bundle is a marketing strategy wherein several similar products or services are combined together and sold as one package solution. Businesses often sell these bundled products at a reduced price so as to attract more customers.

Business price A discounted price available exclusively to Amazon Business customers regardless of the quantity purchased. 

Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. A key feature of the Amazon website is that the same product can be sold by several sellers.

Child Listing is a variation listing that is selling a variation of a product such as a different product’s size, color etc.

Child product contained in a parent group, and they are different from each other as defined in “Option Sets”; e.g. a sports shoe would be a parent product, and if this shoe has 3 colors and 10 size variations in option sets; that makes 30 “child” products of this sport shoe parent.

Clone Item Products can be cloned but have different SKU so that each one acts a different product so that, for example, the quantities can be different; the original and cloned items are no longer linked to each other.

Custom Field manage your inventory by categorizing your products in a detailed way. Custom Fields are for visual and organizational purposes, and they are searchable fields in sales platforms.

Discontinued When the stock has sold there will not be any further production of that product.

Dropshipper type of supplier who is able to send the product directly to the end-user from their warehouse upon receipt of an order from your store.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which a business doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. When a dropshipping retailer sells a product, it purchases the item directly from a third party (a manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer) who ships the product directly to a customer.

DX or Digital Transformation is the adoption of technology to improve efficiency, create value or innovate..

EAN or European Article Number barcodes are 13-digit barcoding. This is the superset of the 12-digit Universal Product Code system, the standard developed by the United States. The EAN barcode consists of the GS1 standards arrangement.

eBay is an online auction service that facilitates buying and selling of goods online. 

Fast Listing links to products already in the Amazon catalog. StoreAutomator connects to this listing and only sends your quantity and price.

FTP is a standard protocol for transferring files over the internet. In e-commerce, files are transferred to a web hosting service via FTP to supply product and marketing information. Files are also shared with distributors, warehouses, and other operation checkpoints using the FTP protocol.

Fulfillment is the process of managing shipments and tracking and confirming the delivery of physical materials in stores.

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a storage and shipping service that Amazon offers to help business owners sell their products. Amazon handles receiving, picking, and packing the products in the center before shipping them to the customer.

FBM or Fulfillment by Merchants, in this form of sale, the seller delivers the Amazon web listing to the customer under the supervision of the sale and visibly after the sale. In the FBM method, it only cuts the listing process from the Amazon seller.

GTIN or Global Trade Item Number is the name given to the number that uniquely identifies a product. It is 12 digits in North America, but it's usually 13 digits in the rest of the world, occasionally 8 digits for very small products. Two additional zeros are added to the left of the number to bring it from 12 characters up to 14.

Ghost listings occur when a seller lists an item only once as an FBA listing, but a duplicate FBM listing is mistakenly created in your Amazon marketplace.

Header: usually describes the file content, titles - often the key summary elements of a file.

Incomplete listings are created if you do not provide a quantity and/or price when creating the listing.

Inherit the ability of an object to take on one or more characteristics from inventory. The characteristics inherited are usually instance variables or functions.

Kit a set of products that includes items that can be used together. For example: Cell phone and cover

Manufacturer Part Number or MPN are used to uniquely identify a specific product among all products from the same manufacturer.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or MSRP is the price that a product's manufacturer recommends it to be sold for at point of sale. The MSRP is also referred to as the list price by some retailers. 

Mapping matching often 2 data fields. For example, mapping the local category to an Amazon category.

Meta description is a meta tag that acts as a 155-160 characters summary that describes the content of a web page.

Minimum Advertised Price or MAP is the lowest price that a seller agrees to display on a product for sale.

Option set variations of items, e.g., color, size of a shoe.

Override changing existing data with new, overriding the original

Parent product 

Parent Product or Parent Listing is a non-buyable entity used to describe the variation (child) products. e.g. Sports shoe would be the parent and orange sports shoes the child.

Product Feed is an excel, . txt, or . xml file that contains all of your products' information. It is sent to shopping channels to communicate all the information your product listings will contain.

Product ID . Often a number that allows you to uniquely identify your product.

Purchase Order StoreAutomator creates an automatic “Purchase Order” to the dropshipper, sends it and notifies them to respond to the order and ship it.

Repricing a method of updating the prices of products.

Relationship Feed is the feed that we are sending to the channels which includes variation information (parentage, parent-child relationship)

Sales Order When an item is sold, the sales platform immediately sends all order details to StoreAutomator for processing.

Single product standalone product that can exist without parents or children.

ShipStation is a SaaS (Software as a Service) shipping platform that allows you to manage your small parcel shipping needs in one place.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that hosts your online store. It helps organize the layout of your store's appearance through themes which you're free to modify or change any way you want. 

Shopping Cart is often referred to as Cart or Basket. Users or customers add different products while shopping.

Show stats shows the status of the products (total investment, in stock items, out of stock items, investment cost)

SKUs or Stock Keeping Units are codes used to identify inventory. SKUs are designed by retailers to meet their merchandising structure and inventory methods.

Taxonomy: Specified Local Category in SA

Template is simply the layout and design the platform applies over your content. Sometimes referred to as a "skin," templates are interchangeable and affect website elements such as: fonts and colors.

Third-Party Sellers are sellers usually independent of the hosting website who offer a variety of new, used, and refurbished items.

UPC or Universal Product Code, a unique 12-digit number assigned to retail merchandise that identifies both the product and the vendor that sells the product.

Volume pricing:  a pricing structure that usually offers additional discounts for large quantity purchases. The more that is purchased, the larger the discount.

Quantity price: allows for price discounting on the basis of volume purchased.

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