eBay Content Guidelines

Title Guidelines

1- Maximum 80 characters in length

2- Should be easy to read and describe the product’s top features

3- Title should be 100% unique

4- Should differentiate the product from other similar items

5- Title for bundles should include the base product and main items

6- Title for multipacks should include pack size, volume, length and other differentiators (if applicable)

7- Capitalize the first letter of each word except for article, conjunctions, prepositions and acronyms (title case)

8- Exclude articles and conjunctions as much as possible

9- Should not include misspelled words, special characters or special formatting, like all caps or bolded words

10- Can include the minus sign ("-") when part of brand or product name, or used to specify differentiating product feature (usually at the end of the title)

11- Must not contain false or misleading information

12- Do not use superlatives like “excellent” unless product did, in fact, win an award

13- Do not use plurals unless product comes in pairs, like gloves

14- Do not use the "+" sign in place of "and"

15- Do not include promotional text, conditions, prices, shipping options or irrelevant keywords

16- Do not include abbreviated or hyphenated words

17- Do not include foreign words unless commonly known or part of product name

18- Do not include HTML, links, email address or other contact information

19- Do no use profanities or offensive language


Description Guidelines

1- Maximum 4,000 characters

2- Unless you have explicit permission from a third party to use their description, you must write all your descriptions

3- All claims must be 100% factual

4- Include information about the brand, company or manufacturer

5- Write in a conversational manner that’s easy to understand

6- Highlight the top benefits of the product and information like size, shape, color and other notable features.

7- Always write in second or third person

8- Description for bundles should give information about all products and accessories, along with dimension of the box

9- Description for multipacks should include information about lot size

10- Do not include personal opinions, comparisons or negative comments

11- Do not use time-sensitive adjectives like “next generation” or “new”

12- Do not embed pictures

13- Do not include bulleted list

14- Do not mention a competitor’s marketplace

15- Same exclusion as Product Title Guidelines

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