Create and Edit Description or Title Templates

Learn how to create and edit description templates

Creating a new template

Settings > Desc. & Title Templates

1. Click the Add Template button on the upper right corner of your screen.

2. Provide the Template Name and optional notes

3. Click Create click “Close” to go back to the description templates page. For each template, there are action buttons towards the right of the template name,

4. Click Edit to start editing your new template.

5. Click Delete to remove a template.


Editing templates

To edit a template, click on the “Edit” button towards that template name's right. The next screen has the Template Name, Notes, and an editing environment with formatting tools. Formatting tools allow you to:

  • Assign the text predefined heading types, and text type

  • Change font, Bold, underline text, background, and text color.

  • Switch to Bullet, numbering, paragraph alignment

  • Insert a table, link, picture, video

  • View in Fullscreen,

  • Code view

  • And Help

>> Advanced Formatting Options for Description Templates


>> Assign Title templates to channels

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