Assign Title Templates to Channels

Assigning a title template to a channel is a must before you can see any results. Click on the channel you want to assign, then follow the path:

Menu > Channel > Channel Settings > Common,

  • Click on the “Content” tab,

  • Click on the "Product Title template" textbox and choose the title template that you want to assign,

  • Click on “Save”.

Previewing Results

You can preview your “Title Templates” results in the channel you assigned your template.

  • Go to : Menu > Channel > Channel Products,

  • Click on a product from the list,

  • Click on the “Actions” button towards the right,

  • In the editing, screen click on the “Title” tab,

  • Click on Template Preview.

With the help of these tools, you can add any text, format it, insert data fields, do conditional formatting and text, combine them with pictures or videos, and make it look rugged.

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