Expiring Products

This is a list of products that will expire; they can be filtered as already expired items and items that will expire in 3, 6, 9, 12 months. You can use an applicable timeframe filter to view which products will expire and employ a liquidation plan ahead of time and sell off expiring products.

StoreAutomator’s Repricer takes all product’s expiration dates into account when doing re-pricing calculations and lowers soon-to-be-expired product prices to liquidate them.

Repricer is only operable in an Amazon channel.


Expiring products is a useful tool, but product expiration dates must be entered into the system before this tool can be efficiently utilized.


Entering Expiration dates

  1. Click on “All Products” this will show all of your inventory products in a list,

  2. Search and find the product you wish to enter the expiration date and click on the edit button towards the right-hand side of the product line,

  3. Click on the “Add” button under “Actions” towards the right-hand side,

  4. Doing so starts a new line with two textboxes, Expiring Date and Quantity,

  5. Enter both values and click on the save button under actions,

  6. If you have multiple batches of the same product that are going to expire on different dates, add as many lines as you need to cover all expiration dates and their product quantities,

  7. StoreAutomator sorts entries in an old to new fashion. The expiration date closest to today’s date will be displayed on the top,

  8. Be mindful that StoreAutomator assumes you are sending products from the batch that is closest to expiration and lowers that batch’s inventory quantity when a sale occurred.

  9. Also, note that the total product quantity cannot exceed “QOH” or Quantity On Hand,

  10. When that batch’s quantity drops to zero, it starts reducing quantity from the next batch that is closest to expire,

  11. If you have too many lines with zero quantities, you can delete them as needed.

Also, you can view the Expiring Items Report under Menu > Reports > Request Report.

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