How to Create a Title Template

Title Templates can be used to display your product Titles in different formats. It is helpful while adding text or other fields and embedding it into the product Title without changing your data. For example, you can:

  • Add product variation options after the product name,

  • Send the product's French title and ignore its original title completely,

  • Include barcode number,

  • Embed color names and sizes,

  • Create a brand new title from the data you have,

Title template List can be accessed from Menu > Settings > Desc. & Title Templates

Before creating a nice, long, and explanatory title, please be advised that channels may have character limit for titles you are sending; for example Amazon title limit is 200, eBay title limit is 80, Walmart title limit is 50-75 characters depending on its category.

Shortening Titles

if your inventory titles are too long and you want to send shorter titles to channels, you can create a brand new title, with help of Title Templates. In this case, you need to have other data fields exist in your inventory, by combining them in the title template you can form a new title and send to the channel.

For example, you can include brand, and its options from other fields, but if the new title length is more than 80, the title will be still cut to 80.

In StoreAutomator Title Templates are using the same format as description templates. The difference arises at the time of assignment.

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