Create Brand Profiles


Creating the brands you work with is especially necessary, if you are using SA dropshipping features. Marking your brands as dropshippers will help SA classify your product sources, their warehouse locations, keeping their warehouse contents and splitting orders to be fulfilled by relevant warehouses.


Here is how you can create your brands:

1. ‘Brands’ can be found when the navigation panel is expanded by clicking the plus sign that appears to the right of the word ‘Inventory’:

2. Click on the word ‘Brands’:

3. New brands can be added by clicking the button labeled ‘Add Brand’:

4. A pop-up will appear requesting a brand name to be entered:

5. Click the word ‘Create’ when complete:



There are four (4) tabs presented on this page. From the main tab, the Brand Name and any necessary Brand Restrictions can be entered or edited:


From the second tab, associated Brand Images can be added by either dragging and dropping the files into place, clicking to browse images on a hard drive, or by entering the URL of the image to be used:


The third tab contains an easy to use text editor for constructing the Brand Description:


The fourth and final tab provides an area to set the Metadata for the selected Brand page:

Note: Be sure to ‘Save & Close’ when all fields are complete. These steps can be repeated as many times as necessary to enter all brand names sold.

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