Inheritance Options for the Custom Fields

Custom fields in StoreAutomator provide a flexible way to manage product information. You can use inheritance settings for these fields to allow you to efficiently control how data is shared between parent products and their variations. This guide will walk you through accessing and setting up custom fields’ inheritance.

Accessing Custom Fields’ Inheritance Settings:

Navigate to the custom fields settings by selecting Inventory > Custom Fields - see image below.

Locate the custom field you wish to edit and click on it to access its settings.

Inheritance Options Explained

StoreAutomator offers two inheritance options for custom fields:

  1. Use Parent Value If Available:

Purpose: This option is ideal when consistency is needed across product variations.

How It Works: If a variation does not have a value in a specific custom field, it will automatically use the value from its parent product.

Use Case: This is particularly useful for attributes that are common to all variations, such as manufacturer or variation theme.

  1. Replace Parent Value:

Purpose: Choose this when variations need distinct values different from the parent.

How It Works: With this setting, the parent product's value for the custom field will not be inherited by its variations, even if the variations don't have their own values set.

Use Case: Ideal for product-specific details like color, size, or material, where each variation differs from the parent.

Custom fields’ inheritance settings in StoreAutomator are a powerful tool to streamline data management across your product catalog. By understanding and utilizing these settings, you can ensure accurate and efficient data representation for both parent products and their variations.

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