Dia: A Step by Step Guide to Connecting and Setting up Your Account on StoreAutomator

The first step is to create your channel and enter your credentials securely in StoreAutomator to setup the connection:

How to List Your Products into Dia Channel – StoreAutomator

Set Up a New Channel

Learn how to connect your Mirakl account and start using StoreAutomator

After entering your credentials and creating your Dia account on StoreAutomator, you can start to create your product data templates. You will need to download and create each template in StoreAutomator. Each category template has different requirements and valid values. You don’t need to map the local categories to the Dia categories because you will be using the category path from each product data template.

How to Set Up a Dia (Mirakl) Template – StoreAutomator

How to Map the Template’s Fields for the Dia Channel – StoreAutomator

The template mapping is also essential. Map the templates by dragging and dropping the local category to the template from the “Channel>Mappings>Templates”.

When the product data template and template mapping is completed, you need to create offer templates and assign them to the channel. 

(New article for dia offer templates)

How to Use Feed Type Selection for Mirakl Templates

Next you need to enable the channel main sync and update types. Navigate to “Channel>Channel Settings>Common” to send any feed to the remote channel. If you don’t see some of the switches and settings on your channel settings page, please contact support@storeautomator.com so that we can enable these settings for you.

Product Sync Enabled Switch

Allow Product Creation Switch

Allow Product Update Switch

Enable Updates-Product Data Update

Enable Updates-Price Update

Enable/Disable Inventory Update

When all templates, template mappings and channel settings are ready, you are ready to push the product data and publish the listings on Dia.

Check the products status in StoreAutomator for the Dia channel, if they are in “Published” status and have four green boxes in the Status tab (see above image), you can then send quantity or price updates and sync the channel.

Key points:

  • You need to remember that even if you sent product data updates and created the product on Dia, you can only add the offers to them when the product will be reviewed by the catalog team and accepted. This process may take 24-48 hours.
  • Before including the products in the channel, make sure that you’ve completed the template mapping. Otherwise, your product won’t be created on Dia.
  • Please, check the required fields on the downloaded Excel file before creating the templates on StoreAutomator. They can be changed by templates.
  • You need to assign the valid category value depending on which template you are using. We are sending the categories through templates. 
  • Since we are using category paths from the product data templates, you don’t need to map your local categories to Dia Categories.
  • You don’t need to send both quantity and price updates to the channel to add offers, because they are basically the same offer template which contains both price and quantity values.

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