How to Use Feed Type Selection for Mirakl Templates

Each Mirakl based marketplace may have their own individual template structures. For example, Kohls requires quantity and price feeds separate from product and offers templates.

When creating Mirakl templates for a Mirakl channel in StoreAutomator, you can specify the type of template you would like to create: quantity, price or product data.

How can you create different feed type templates?

1- Go to “Settings>Templates” and click “Add Template” from the right end of the screen.

2- Find and select the Mirakl icon or any other marketplace name that uses Mirakl.

3- Select “Flat” from as “Feed Type” and select the specific feed type.

Default Type: It is the default Mirakl feed template which contains basic products and offers data templates for Mirakl feed.

Category Type: This one is the main template when you are creating your Mirakl product data templates. You need to choose this because the category-based mapping in the template defines the products’ endpoint on the marketplaces. You can download “products only” template from the marketplace’s seller central and create them in the SA.

Price and Quantity Type: This one is the “offers only” template in the Mirakl marketplaces. You will be using price feed templates for adding offers to your products on Mirakl marketplaces. You can change fields like “SHOP_SKU” or “Product_Id” depending on the marketplace requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both of “Price and Quantity” feed resembles basically the same offer feed in the Mirakl marketplace. However, you should create both in case of an upcoming error when adding offers to the products. These templates are relevant when the marketplace requires product ids instead of SKUs for the main identifier.

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