Kit Listings - An Overview

You can create a kit by combining two separate individual listings into a single, new listing - a “kit”. Original items continue to be sold separately from the kit. The new listing will (kit) use the combined quantities of the two products that were used to create it. The new kit will have its own unique product id and SKU - these will be different from the ID/SKUs used to create it. Upon creation, you can select whether the newly created kit item will use a dynamic or fixed price. With the defined pricing option, you can use either a percentage or fixed price discount for the kit product e.g. 10% or $5.. 

Typically businesses create and use kits tactically to try and increase sales during quieter times..

Here are a few other tips and tricks to consider:

  • If one of the products included in the kit goes out of stock, the kit item will be out of stock until the new inventory for the out of stock item is received.
  • You can’t separately sell the two products included in the newly created kit listing. This is because they are defined as one kit item which has a specific price and quantity.
  • To sell kits FBA, you need to send the kit product’s quantity to FBA warehouses as in one package. Which means all products in the kit listing have quantity in Amazon FBA warehouse. If one of the products included in the kit has no FBA quantity, the kit listing can’t be sold as FBA.
  • If you want to use dynamic prices, you should consider that “Dynamic Regular Price” calculates the regular price(inventory level price without any overrides or rules) with the percentage entered while “Dynamic Actual Price” calculates the actual price (the price that will be sended to the channel after calculated by price rules or channel level overrides) with the percentage entered. So, actual can be changed if you are using Repricer or other pricing options (Min-Max-Volume Prices-Sale Prices).
  • You can create kit parents and combine the variants under the parents in order to sell your kit listings as variations. The parent kit listing gets all the quantity of the variant kit listings.
  • You cannot edit the kit listing’s combined quantity but only observe from the “Kit Items” tab after clicking edit product. So, you cannot edit the included item’s quantities for the kit listing after the creation.

You can check Create Kits and Bundles the bases of kit creation in StoreAutomator by using the interface.

You can also get detailed information about bulk creation of kits How to Create Kits or Bundles in Bulk and How to Create Kit Items with Bulk File.

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