Creation of Flat File Template for Mirakl

You can create templates for Mirakl and start to list your items. StoreAutomator will populate the target fields after uploading the template. 

Here are the steps to follow:

1- You need to go to Settings>Templates, then click the add template button from the top right.


2- Find the Mirakl icon and select it or you can write it down in the search box.


3- Select the “Category” from the specific feed type and enter a name, click the create and edit.


4- Click the “Mirakl Category Template Source File” and upload the template.


5- After you upload the file into the SA, you will be redirected to the “Field Mapping” tab. Most of the fields will be automatically populated.


Now, you can start to map your additional custom fields. However, some required fields need to be mapped too. You can check the template and find the related required fields.


NOTE: If you want to create parent child relationship, you must map the “ROLLUPTYPE” field. You can check the valid values from the excel file and for other required fields. When you are mapping the source fields with valid values, you must select the “Free Text” before writing.


NOTE: All templates have different required fields. This is because they belong to different categories. You have to enter the valid values into the Excel file. 


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