Create a New Product Data Template

Create a channel-specific product data template.

1. Click the Add Template button on the upper right corner of your screen.

2. Store Automator provides channel-specific feed templates. Click on the “Click and choose a type…” link to display available channel template types and simply select the template type you want to create.


The program only displays the template types only pertinent to your channels. If you don’t see the template type you need, you have to add the necessary channel first.


For example, to be able to create an Amazon template, you need to create an Amazon channel first, click here to view Channel creations.

3. For Amazon and Walmart templates, the system asks you to choose the product type and product subtype, if applicable. Choose types you want to use for your products and assign a name for your template.

4. Click Create to complete creation. After the creation system takes you back to the templates list, in this screen towards the right you can find your action tools; Edit, Copy, and Delete.

5. Click Edit to start editing your new template.

6. Click Copy to create a duplicate of an existing template.

7. Click Delete to remove a template.


>> Edit Product Data Templates

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