Adding or renewing a Shopify Channel

Matt from the StoreAutomator Customer Success Team explains how to add a Shopify or renew the connection for a Shopify channel.

Add Shopify Channel to Store

  1. Go to settings and expand it, then go to channels and click the "add channel" button located at the top right, under your name
  2. Scroll down to shopping carts and select Shopify as the channel and give the Shopify channel a name e.g. "ACME Store Shopify". No channel code is necessary but you must choose a currency e.g. United States Dollar and a language e.g. English. Click "create" to add the channel to StoreAutomator
  3. To give StoreAutomator permission to access the Shopify channel, click the blue hyperlink that says "Give permissions to StoreAutomator". This will redirect you to Shopify where you need to sign in. Once signed in, you will be prompted back in StoreAutomator that the channel ( Acme Store Shopify) is added

Set an Inventory location

  1. Set an inventory location for the channel by going to "all channels", selecting the Shopify channel, expanding it, and going to "channel settings" and then "API connections". Under "inventory location", click and select the desired warehouse
  2. Verify that the URL shows that you are connected, that public authentication is enabled, and that the status reads "access granted"
  3. This is also where you can renew the authorization, which needs to be done once a year - every 365 days. Click "renew authorization" to be redirected to Shopify
  4. If already signed in to Shopify, it will grant StoreAutomator permission and bring you back to StoreAutomator where you will need to select the inventory location again

By following these steps, you can successfully add or renew a Shopify connection in Store Automator.


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