Adding or renewing an Amazon Channel

Matt from the StoreAutomator Customer Success Team explains how to add or renew an Amazon channel in your StoreAutomator account.


Adding an Amazon Channel

  1. Go to Settings and click the plus + sign then click on "Channels"
  2. Click the "Add Channel" button located in the top right, under your name
  3. Select the desired Amazon channel from the available options. In this case, the regular Amazon channel for the US is chosen
  4. Give the channel a name, such as "ACME Amazon Store", and click "Create" to complete the first step

The second step is to give permission to StoreAutomator to access your Amazon channel.

  • Click on "Give permission to StoreAutomator", which will redirect you to Amazon's website
  • Review the information about the permissions StoreAutomator requires and check the "I Direct Amazon..." checkbox and "confirm" to grant access to the account

The Amazon channel has now been added to your StoreAutomator account.


Renewing a Connection

To renew the connection to Amazon go to "All Channels" from the StoreAutomator dashboard, select the Amazon channel, go to "Channel Options" then "channel settings," and finally "API connections".

Click "Renew Authorization" which will redirect to the same screen as when adding an Amazon channel. Again, check the "I Direct Amazon to..." checkbox and "Confirm" to renew the connection.

The connection needs to be renewed every 365 days, and each renewal is valid for another 365 days.


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