How to Set Up Free Shipping on Sears

Sears does not have a shipping template system. Instead, you can set free shipping by adjusting the shipping settings through Sears. 

To do this, follow these steps.

1) Log into the Seller Portal

2) Click on the name in the upper right hand corner

3) Click on “Shipping Rates”

4) Under “1 – Select the rates you want to use” select either “Customize Shipping Rates by Weight” or “Customize Shipping Rates by Order Amount”. To set up free shipping for all orders, you may use either the weight based or the order amount based options.

5) In the “mailable” section, set the Ground rate to “0”

Here are some additional details:

  • Only the primary user of your account can set up free shipping.
  • If you choose to set free shipping by weight, you will need to enter the weight of each item in your catalog.
  • If you choose to set free shipping by order amount, you will need to enter the minimum order amount that qualifies for free shipping.

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