Sears Option Mapping

Sears has very specific requirements for their Options values and it's a requirement of listing that these values must be mapped exactly or the listing will fail. 

Fortunately you can very easily avoid failed listings by mapping your option types in StoreAutomator.

To map all of your categories, here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Select the Sears channel and go to “Channel>Mapping>Options” tab.


2- Click one of the categories, and you can see the option names you are sending to Sears with their mapped valid values on the dropdown menu.


When you click the dropdown, you can see all the valid values. From the dropdown, you need to map the most relevant valid value with your option name.


You can also see which option name was populating on Sears when you can click one of the plus icons left of the option name. You can always change this value if you want to override the option name by entering a free text value. When you will change the option name, kindly ensure to save the mapping.

As you can see in the below image, some of the option names can be overridden by a free text value.


However, most option names need to be mapped from the Sears specs exactly, which means that you can’t send free text values.

For the “Color” option name however, you need to match every single option with the valid Sears value by clicking the dropdown menu.


3- After you have done these mappings for all categories, call the products separately with their SKUs or SA IDs (if it is a variation, call the parent only), send product data update to the related products and sync the channel from the top left.


The reason that you need to work on each SKU separately is because every product needs to be sent to Sears in a different product data update feed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These mappings will be applied for all the products included on the channel.

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