Connecting Your Target+ Account to StoreAutomator

Learn how to connect your Target + account and start utilizing StoreAutomator’s product data, price and quantity update features.

Steps to Connect Your Target+ Account:

1- Log in to StoreAutomator:

  • Open your StoreAutomator account.
  • In the upper left corner, click on "All Channels" and select your Target+ channel.

2- Access API Connection Settings:

  • On the left side menu, navigate to Channel > Channel Settings > API Connection.

3- Enter API Information in StoreAutomator:

  • Copy the API Key from Target+.
  • In StoreAutomator, paste the API Key into the "API Key" field under API Connection.
  • Copy the Seller ID and Seller Token from Target+.
  • In StoreAutomator, paste the Seller ID and Seller Token into their respective fields under API Connection.

4- Save the Connection:

  • After entering the necessary information, click the Save button in the lower right corner.

Your Target+ channel should now be successfully connected to your StoreAutomator account, enabling you to use StoreAutomator's product data, price, and quantity update features seamlessly.

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