How to Immediately Update Prices on Target+

Updating your prices on Target+ is straightforward and can be done at any time using our force update feature. Follow these steps to ensure your prices are updated correctly:

  1. Select Products for Update:
  • Choose the products you want to update from your product list.
  1. Initiate Force Update:
  • Click the force update icon (refer to the image below).
  1. Select Update Type:
  • In the force update options, select “Price.”
  1. Sync Changes:
  • Click the sync button located at the top left of the screen to apply the updates immediately.


If you have a price rule set up in the Target+ channel settings and have recently changed product prices, it is crucial to force price updates to the channel. This step is necessary because StoreAutomator cannot automatically detect dynamic price changes when a price rule is set in the channel settings.

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