Integrating StoreAutomator with S.P. Richards for Order and Inventory Management

StoreAutomator (SA) is integrated with S.P. Richards for order and inventory management. When managing S.P. Richards orders and the inventory you may either use your own FTP site or request one from the SA team. 

For managing orders and tracking, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a connection. Go to Settings>Connections and Add a connection. Select the connection type, for example SFTP, and fill in the fields with your credentials and Save. If we are providing you with the FTP then the credentials will be available from the SA team. 
  2. Add an S.P Richards DX Channel: Go to Tools>DX Channels and select S.P. Richards. Give a name to your channel and click “Create”.

  1. Next, click on the settings icon of the DX channel and select API connection. 
    1. Under the general tab, select the connection you created in step 1 (above) along with the export and import folders.
    2. Go to the second tab named specific settings and fill in the required fields and save. Please note that you can first use the testing environment credentials for order testing and then update it with production credentials to finalize testing.
    3. When you are ready for testing, click on the Settings icon again and select Data Exchange then enable the sync for the DX channel and enable a daily schedule by selecting how often you want SA to import tracking info for your orders. You can select as many different time slots as you need. 

  1. Create a warehouse. Go to Inventory>Warehouses and Add a warehouse. Choose a name for your warehouse and select physical for the type.

  1. Add a supplier. Go to Inventory>Suppliers and Add a supplier. Give it a name and select DX for the type. Under the supplier settings, click on “Configure” and select the dx channel you previously created in step 2.


  1. Edit the Warehouse under Inventory>Warehouses and select the supplier of your warehouse which is the same as the DX channel created in step 2. 

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