Integrating StoreAutomator with S.P. Richards for Inventory Management

StoreAutomator is integrated with S.P. Richards for order and inventory management. To start managing S.P. Richards orders and update the inventory from SA, you either use your own FTP site or request one from the SA team. 

For inventory management, follow the below steps:

  1. First add a connection. Go to Settings>Connections and Add a connection. Select the connection type for example SFTP and fill in the fields with your credentials and Save. If StoreAutomator provided you with the FTP then it will be visible as “sa-ftp”, like seen below:

  1. add a DX channel with a Warehouse Input” type and click Create. 

  1. Click on the settings icon of the  Warehouse input dx channel and select Connection settings. Select the connection you created in step 1, provide a Target Directory and save. 

  1. Add a template. Go to Settings>Templates and add a Generic template. Select “Warehouse Product” and click Create. Click on Add Field and add all the required ones and map them to the corresponding SA fields and click Save. 

  1. Click on the settings icon of the DX channel and click on Template. Select the template you created in step 4 and save.

  1. When you are ready to update your inventory, click on the settings icon of the warehouse input DX channel and select Data Exchange. Enable the sync for the dx channel and select once a day for inventory updates. If you want to update your inventory more often, feel free to select more than one time a day under the Enable Daily Schedule switch. 

Please refer to this article for more information regarding warehouse input.

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