How to Download and Create Kroger Offer Templates on StoreAutomator

Kroger offers templates contain different fields to other Mirakl Marketplace-Offer templates and so will need to be managed differently. Here are the steps to follow:

1- Login to your Kroger account and then download the offer template from the “Price and Stock>File Import” page, then click the “Generate Template” button after clicking the “Offers / Excel Template”.

2 - Login to your StoreAutomator account and go to “Settings>Templates” then click “Add Template” from the top right.

3- Select either “Price” or “Quantity” from the Specific Feed Type, enter the template name and click +Create.

4- Open the downloaded offer template and check the field names under the “Code” column in the file. When you edit the offer template in SA, ensure the field names are compatible. If they are not compatible, the offer template won’t function correctly for populating offers on Kroger.

5- Adjust the field names according to the offer template you’ve downloaded.

6- Assign the template from “Channel>Channel Settings>Template”.


Price and quantity templates are identical. After you have created one, you can clone it.

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