Quick Listing on Kroger with StoreAutomator Using Fast Listing

Selling on Kroger just got easier, even without complete product data or the time to create detailed listings! With StoreAutomator's quick listing feature, you can connect your products to existing listings in the Kroger catalog in just a few minutes. This guide will walk you through the fast and straightforward process of listing your items using UPCs.

Key Points

  • Efficiency: Quickly list your products by connecting to existing entries in the Kroger catalog.
  • Simplicity: Only your product's quantity and price information are needed to start selling.
  • Speed: Begin selling in minutes without the hassle of providing comprehensive product details.

How it works

Fast listing connects to existing products sending just price and quantity information to help you to start selling in minutes. StoreAutomator can establish a connection to existing products using the UPC - either the Products’ UPC or EAN code 

Once you have one of these product identifiers in place, the fast listing switch must be enabled. Follow these steps: 

1. Select Kroger channel as your active channel.

2. Select the SKU and click “three dot icon>Fast Listing Mode>Fast Listing”

3. Sync the channel from the top left and your offer will be added to the existing offer in Kroger.

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