Syncing Your Orders to Your StoreAutomator Account

After adding Channels to your StoreAutomator account you'll want to synchronize orders so you can populate and view them in your Dashboard every time you log in. Matt from our Customer Success Team walks you through this simple process.

The process should be repeated for each channel you would like to sync. Here are the main steps:

  1. Access the "All Channels" section and select the desired channel, such as Amazon, Walmart etc

  2. After you have made your selection, expand the channel options by clicking the plus sign next "Channel" then go to "Channel Settings" and select "Common Settings"

  3. Navigate to the "Orders" tab and select "Enable Order Download". IMPORTANT NOTE: please verify that the "Order Acknowledge Mode" setting is set to "Do Nothing". If it is not, please change this first if it is not. Once you have verified that, flip the "Enable Order Download" switch then save this by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom right

  4. Both Amazon and Shopify are demonstrated in the video but repeat steps 1-3 for any additional channels.

Upon completion, StoreAutomator will begin to sync the orders and populate your dashboard. It may take some time for the orders to appear, but within an hour, you should start seeing data and within a day, your dashboard should have a comprehensive overview of your channels.


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