StoreAutomator Release Notes

Next Release 4.5.7 (Planned 07/06/2022)



4.5.6 (06/22/2022)

New Channels

  • Axis ERP
  • Tradavo ERP

New Features

  • Add bulk order forward

Channel Improvements

  • Wayfair - Automatic daily full quantity updates
  • LogicBroker - Ship cost override ability added
  • LogicBroker - enable invoicing switch added
  • Mirakl - Custom field update for offers

Generic Improvements

  • Load existing filters faster on inventory page
  • Add sku removing capability to editable warehouses
  • Add cost, shipCost, handlingCost, invCost fields to channel products table
  • Add cost field to inventory products table

Data Templates

  • Add channel override properties to template fields
  • Template Reg-Ex validation added during Create/Update


  • Add product video link to APIV3


4.5.5 (06/08/2022)

New Channels

  • Amazon Vendor Direct
  • Dear Systems ERP

New Features

  • Convert my filter to company filter

Channel Improvements

  • Add channel code to channel and its settings
  • Shipstation - Don't send shipped orders to SS if it's already shipped

Generic Improvements

  • Add send status information to order history for forwarding and tracking updates
  • Add descriptions and tags to channel level export

Data Templates

  • Add channel override properties to template fields
  • Template Reg-Ex validation added during Create/Update


  • Add category_ids field to product data to assign categories by ids.


4.5.4 (05/25/2022)

New Features

  • Product label printing functionality
  • Independent Connections for FTP, SFTP, S3 and SA FTP
  • Add update mode to quantity update template

Channel Improvements

  • Shopify - Send wrap message and wrap type to shopify
  • Ebay - request relist-item if listing is ended
  • Improve channel reports
  • Skubana - Update item location and cost
  • Amazon - Additiona lData update via template
  • Wayfair - Inventory Update implementation
  • Bigcommerce - Add color option value if exists when creating variants
  • Mirakl - Price and Quantity template
  • Amazon - Add Saudi Arabia Marketplace
  • Amazon - Fast Listing with flat files

Generic Improvements

  •  IsFba added to fast filters
  • Add Vat/Tin numbers to order invoice template
  • Add copy product id option while cloning a product
  • Add specific order export
  • Templates - Add auto complete field for product warehouses


  • Add new query to categories endpoint
  • Add published query to products endpoint


4.5.3 (04/25/2022)

New Features

  • Warehouse Vacation mode - Warehouses can be set to vacation mode by the dropship suppliers

Channel Improvements

  • Walmart combined ship days
  • Walmart LagTime feed
  • Walmart warehouse mapping
  • Update Bigcommerce meta fields via data templates
  • Add volume pricing to Bigcommerce channel

Generic Improvements

  • Add new export type to amazon channel
  • Add parent info to child categories
  • Render discount to order line item
  • Enabled report history download button for incomplete status


  • Add productCost and shippingCost to product quantity update endpoint


4.5.2 (04/11/2022)

New Features

  • Single cell multichannel import, channel_name as comma separated values
  • RelationshipUpdate added to import types.

Channel Improvements

  • Increase ship days options to 30
  • Meta fields can now be overridden at channel level
  • Send video to Bigcommerce from template
  • Secondary categories can now be defined at variant level
  • Add Amazon MFN return report

Generic Improvements

  • SourceOrderId and Sku are now filtrable in Purchase Orders
  • Display warehouse enabled status in quantity details
  • Brand, LastModified, ModifiedBy properties added to export


  • Add orderable field to product data

4.5.0 (03/23/2022)

New Channels

  • Reverb 
  • Deliverr 
  • Wayfair 
  • LogicBroker 
  • Walmart US DSV 
  • Tradefull via EDI 
  • Modell's via EDI
  • Zappos via EDI
  • Nordstrom via EDI
  • HSN via EDI 
  • Target via EDI
  • Shop HQ via EDI 

New Features

  • We now support EDI data transfer through AS2 protocol.
  • Channel level export by templates were added to exports.
  • Shareable user filters and company filters added
  • Fast filters are now available at inventory level
  • Multiple warehouse ids can be defined under warehouse_id column for bulk WarehouseProduct import
  • Importer notifies people defined in notification settings by email
  • Force channel updates can now be triggered via bulk import
  • Flat(Vertical) Import/Export for all product images
  • Single row multichannel import
  • Order routing to Shipstation (with supplier order tags)
  • Repricer competitor selection by weighted performance parameters
  • Filter based repricing rule selection
  • Dry mode has been added to Repricer.
  • Walmart repricer

Channel Improvements

  • Amazon Ship Template update method was added to channel imports.
  • You can select updatable price types for Amazon.
  • Partial Amazon price updates added to Amazon.
  • Default Import Brand Name was added to channel settings. - Bigcommerce import now does not create NoBrand products for unbranded items.
  • Sftp connection was added to DX channels.
  • Ebay item specifics can now be downloaded from the channel as a CSV file.
  • dont_send_child_images export/import field was added to eBay channel.
  • "Enable Invoice Create" was added to channel settings for the channels that can send invoices. (e.g. Nordstrom)
  • Select Store Category Taxonomy was added.
  • shipBy and deliverBy are calculated automatically by using channel ship days for Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • Variation theme override for Walmart was added.
  • Walmart Channel - Send "CUSTOM" for empty barcodes feature was added.
  • Sku and ProductId force update methods added for Walmart.
  • Default carrier code mapping added for Walmart and Amazon.
  • The feed results of Amazon and Walmart channels were added to channel history.

Generic Improvements

  • Only high level users can turn on/off order download, tracking upload and order forwarding.
  • Only high level users can turn sync on and off.
  • Create remote category if not found while creating the product for Bigcommerce.
  • _empty_ magic string added for barcode overrides.
  • _empty_ magic string added for brand name overrides.
  • Added warning for unknown fields in Importer.
  • Specific taxonomy path syntax changed as AA:BB>CC>DD in Importer and API.
  • Shipment cost added under the order details shipping tab.
  • sourceOfDropshipOrderPrice field added to supplier.
  • Fulfill International Orders option added to supplier.
  • "Master product option name in AltSku's title" option was added to global settings.
  • Virtual sale price end date is created automatically if not entered to products.
  • Reordering the images on a product.
  • fulfillable_quantity was added to warehouse item report.
  • All reports were converted from tab-delimited to comma-delimited format.
  • IsFba column added to order report.
  • HasBuybox, IsBuybox and IsAmazonSelling fields were added to repricer table.
  • competitivePriceThreshold and suggestedLowerPricePlusShipping fields added to repricer table.
  • Channel product table parentSku search was added.
  • AmazonUpdateMethod added for channel product table.
  • Datatable highlights search value if enter is pressed.
  • Not active in the channel with errors filter added to channel product table.
  • Channel items' warehouse quantities added to the channel product table.
  • ProductEditor "Don't show empty fields" action added for custom fields.
  • Table Expand/Collapse parents button was added.
  • Preview and edit product's template on the channel product table was added.
  • Faster category tree loading for UI.
  • WFS switch added to channel product editor for Walmart.


  • Get channel overrides added for channel products.
  • Query products by parentage was added. (Multiple values can be separated by pipe like Single|Child)
  • Short description and description fields added to channel overrides.
  • More image fields added to product object.
  • includingChannels field added to product object.
  • Add warehouse quantities feature was added.
  • Products can now be queried by lastQtyChange and lastPriceChange.
  • Image labels management was added.
  • orderable field added to the product object. (11/12/2021)

  • "variation_theme" export field was added for Ebay channel bulk action.
  • AmazonXlsmObject - Populate predefined fields automatically
  • WalmartChannel's available carriers are getting automatically for US & CA.
  • A new custom field type was added as "date"
  • "variation_theme" export field was added for Walmart channel bulk action
  • HSN channel was added.
  • Multi Warehouse import capability was added to bulk import.
  • ShopHQ channel was added. 
  • "Don't send child variation images" option added to Ebay.
  • Child Variation Image Sort Mode was enabled for all channels. 
  • "Move Forwarded Order To Preferred Warehouse" feature added for Shopify channel.
  • "alias_mode_info" field was added to export file.
  • "mapped_category" and "template_info" fields were added to channel override export file.
  • Target channel was added.
  • Mirakl channel maintenance.
  • Mirakl channel category template was added. 
  • Nordstrom channel was added. 
  • "original_mpn" field was added to export repricer settings json. (10/11/2021)

  • Reseller channel - percentage based cost 
  • ExcludeAliases control was added to channel settings. 
  • Repricer ignore sellers / ignore amazon to item level 
  • Show item count for categories
  • Skuvault order tracking implementations 
  • AmazonChannel - IgnoreFbaExistence was added.
  • Import quantity by barcode was added. 
  • ChannelDownloadToCsv report was added.
  • Downloadable report was added for Amazon channel.
  • Shopify GetCategoryFromProductType.
  • EditChannel was added
  • Channel access by user 
  • Bulk kit import extend kit items to 25
  • ChannelDownloader - Import category from channel 
  • ShopifyChannel - AutomaticParentage 
  • Available carriers were added for Amazon, BigCommerge, Ebay and Walmart 
  • Shopify warehouse mapping
  • BigCommerce type data was created for templates.
  • Custom field date type was added
  • Using _Empty_ as barcode type for product id exception.
  • Shopify translated title, description, meta title, meta description and meta fields can be downloaded as custom fields.
  • Nordstrom channel was integrated.


  • FormatCsv and Contains properties were added to description template.
  • Description Template Evaluator was added.
  • LastModified sort field was added to the channel product table.
  • Category base description template mapping feature was added.
  • ImagesByLabel property was added to product auto complete.
  • Inventory level - export - last - 30 60 90 120 days sold quantity and revenue fields were added to custom export field selector - information
  • Ignore Amazon property was added to Repricer Settings.
  • Ignore Other Competitions property was added to Repricer Settings.
  • Quantity history who changed when info was added to inventory history graphic.
  • Default filter was added to Repricer Details table.
  • Tax info report sorting bug fixed.
  • The image's width, height and size properties are showing on the image editor.
  • Permissions search was added.
  • Datatable maintenance
  • Walmart v4 channel was added.
  • Fba Download option was added to channel maintanence.
  • "Add Channel" modal maintenance
  • Shipping and Billing tab were added to Order details.
  • Manually enter a date property was added to the calendar.

4.4.7 (06/02/2021)

Feature Updates

  • Bulk price update with wildcard sku support.

  • Item level Price and Quantity update control added

  • "HasChildren" field was added to product data.

  • Amazon flat file type added to templates

  • Restock option added to order cancellation

  • Shipping price force update added for Walmart channel

  • SkuVault order forwarding added

UI/UX Updates

  • Data table refresh action improvement

  • Sku copy property was added to Warehouse Item table

  • Sortable fields Created and LastModified added to product tables

API Updates

  • remoteCreatedFrom, remoteCreatedTo, remoteUpdatedFrom and remoteUpdatedTo query parameters added to Orders API

  • lastUpdatedFrom and lastUpdatedTo query paramaters added to Warehouse Items API


4.4.6 (05/10/2021)

Feature Updates

  • Alias conversion capability added to child products.

  • "Not Active In Channel" status added to channel product table filters.

  • Image sort order feature added to Walmart.

  • Walmart update cancel order lines API with new cancellation codes

  • Default value added to some custom fields which are text area, dropdown and

    radio buttons

  • User name added to Import History table

  • Shopify image size error handling

  • Old versions of BigCommerce and Google Shopping Actions removed from channel creation page.

  • Use brand name as manufacturer flag added to channel common settings for amazon.

  • Bulk import custom field can be set to none with "_NONE_" value for dropdown and radio buttons.

  • Shopify refund order capability added.

  • SKU copy to clipboard feature added


UI/UX Updates

  • Forced unique channel name for UI.

  • Quantity adjustment UX maintenance.

  • Page title design edited.

  • Side panel close with clicked to out side


API Updates

  • Alias creation capability added (04/09/2021)

Feature Updates

  • Ebay Promotions can be imported for the listings

  • Local and Remote category information added under the channel item identity.

  • New default filters added to channel products table. The filters are ProductUpdateOn, ProductUpdateOff, FastListingSoft, FastListingHard

  • Amazon update methods (PartialUpdate and Replace) can now be set in bulk in channel products table.

  • Create Custom field button added to Template Editor The button creates custom field with its all available options in the channel and adds itself automatically as the source field

  • Amazon order details URL changed.

  • When all items in a Shopify order are cancelled, the order is automatically set as cancelled in SA.

  • Added channel filter to All Channels Sales Order Table.

  • Pickup date can now be entered to the order tracking.

API Updates

  • lastUpdatedFrom and lastUpdatedTo query string parameters added to products enpoint

  • sku, masterSku and productSku added to order item details endpoint.

  • Warehouse and warehouse item fetch endpoint added.

  • Kit creation endpoint added.



4.4.5 (3/12/2021)

  • Password validation changed. The password must be at least 8 characters long and must include at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, a number and one special character.

  • 2-factor authentication control added to reset the password.

  • Order Export DX Channel added.

  • Product data and type selection added to Template Copy.

  • Error tab added to sales orders table.

  • Google Shopping Actions Version 2 added.

  • Zentail Order Import channel added.

  • Order address info can be now edited.

  • QuantityUpdate only bulk import template added

  • Newegg category spec added.

  • Bulk kit creation fields added to bulk product create file.

  • Parent line is no more mandatory to creating children products by using import files. If parent does not exist in the file or in the system it is created automatically by using first child product info by default.

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