How to Download and Create Shop Premium Outlet Product Data Templates on StoreAutomator

You can download Shop Premium Outlet product data category templates and recreate them in StoreAutomator. The creation of product data templates is critical for the first push of product information and therefore your templates need to contain valid values or your products will not be listed properly on this channel.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Login to your Shop Premium Outlet account and go to “Price and Stock>File Imports” and click the “Excel Template”.

2- In the “Select the requirement level of attribute” box, select: “All (required, recommended, optional) and under “Select the categories” find or select the category to generate the template.

3- Select the language and click “Generate template”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you accidentally select multiple categories and click generate template, you will get a merged template which will lead you to product data errors. Therefore, please only select and download one category at a time.

4- Download the template.

5 - Go to “Settings>Templates” in StoreAutomator and create a Shop Premium Outlet template. Select “Category” as the “Specific Feed Type”, provide a name and click the “+Create”.

6- Click “Edit” to the template and click the “Mirakl Category Template Source File” tab. Then, upload the downloaded Shop Premium Outlet template into StoreAutomator.



7- Fill in all the required fields first followed by other fields, if needed. You can see the valid values by clicking “show possible options” in the field mapping. 


  • The downloaded excel template shows you whether a field is required, recommended or optional.

  • You can also check the valid values for all fields from the “Reference Data” tab in the same downloaded template.

8- After adding and mapping all fields, save and close the template.

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