Bigcommerce-Handle Channel Assignments

Using BigCommerce Multi-Storefront in StoreAutomator

BigCommerce’s multi-storefront allows businesses to seamlessly create and manage multiple, unique storefronts.

Each storefront can have its own domain, design, categories, and more. You can share products, track orders, and use native or third-party themes for customization.

This functionality integrates seamlessly with StoreAutomator and you can select your assigned channel for belonging to a BigCommerce account in StoreAutomator by following the steps below.

Navigate to your BigCommerce channel settings, found here: Channel>Channel Settings>Specific Settings

From the Assigned BigCommerce Channel box, select Default from the dropdown menu. After selecting this click on the Save button, is the bottom right corner. 

If you have multiple BigCommerce channels set up in StoreAutomator then you can repeat these steps for each.

For more information about BigCommerce Multi Storefronts and Channel Assignments, please see the links below, 


BigCommerce Channels Overview

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