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StoreAutomator’s multi-vendor dropshipping module allows brands to connect to and manage hundreds of Brands and the associated orders in one centralized platform.

Essentially, Dropshipping involves having Brands or Partners (Suppliers) who are willing to let you list their products for sale and will then ship on demand as your customers order.

The benefits of Dropshipping are;

  • Low-risk - No inventory needs to be purchased or managed.
  • Little upfront cost - pay only after the sale.
  • Diverse products - add new products without research or manufacturing costs.
  • Efficient - the dropshipper packs and ships the item shortly after the order.

Your dropshipping business can run in a number of ways:

This can be direct -  Suppliers that pick, pack and send products directly from their warehouse to the end-user, upon receiving an order from a seller (You). 

Or it can be with a general Wholesaler/Distributor/Dropshipper that holds and sells other Suppliers products.

In any case the process works in the same manner as follows.

How It Works


  • Seller (You) sources and reaches agreement with suppliers/dropshippers to sell their products.
  • Their catalog is imported into StoreAutomator.
  • The Catalog will be maintained on a regular basis by flat file, API, EDI or whatever method is required.
  • StoreAutomator will update channels and your sites with the product, inventory and pricing information on a regular basis.
  • Each dropshipper will have their own StoreAutomator identity unique to your account.


  • StoreAutomator will update dropshipping listings each day.
  • After a transaction on a site or channel, StoreAutomator receives an order from a channel or your site and recognizes it as a drop shipped product.
  • An automatic purchase order is created and sent to the dropshipper with the end customer information.
  • When the dropshipper receives the PO and ships the item they will return a tracking number to StoreAutomator, to be passed through to the end customer through the channel.
  • At any time, in your StoreAutomator account you can manage orders, PO’s and dropshipper accounts.
  • You can also review reports including sales, profit and product details in your account.



A dropshipping/marketplace business is a low-cost, low-risk way to expand your range of products and grow your customers and sales.

StoreAutomator’s leading multi-vendor dropshipping module allows you to scale up your suppliers and products quickly. It also allows you to manage the day-to-day operations with minimal effort, preserving resources and margin.

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